March 6, 2011

Drug store picks

                              These were my drug store picks for the weekend.

   Of out the products i selected the Salon effects worded wonders. Its peel on nail polish. I think its great. I will be going back to buy some more of the great colors and designs they have. It was very simple to apply. Everything that came in the package is in the picture above.

As you can see it looks like regular nail polish...I'm absolutely in I brought the Maybelline FIT because I needed cover up makeup for my tattoo for my Wedding day( June 11, 2011). I came to the conclusion that drug store make-up will not do the trick. I'm going to try Mac or Nars to see what works best. A lot of people have told me to try Dermablend, however when i went to the the counter table to try to it, I could still see the outline of my tattoo. Well I will continue my hunt and keep you informed on the results. Last I loved this issue of Marie Clarie (Spring Edition). I was totally inspired. I'm so ready for spring!!! I will blog about my fav articles and/or pics. Anyway, I'm off to bed goodnight guys!..sweet dreams <3.

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