March 29, 2011

Playing catch up!!!

   Hey everyone!! I know I havent updated in a while. Ive so extra busy with this whole wedding planning thing. Its so time consuming. Although I have been loving every minute of it. Wedding planning is such a beautiful thing if it is done correctly. Its like a adventure to a great desination. Well since its such a major part of my life right now i have decided to incorporate a lot of my wedding planning experiences in my blog. So I hope everyone can enjoy. :)

   Sunday we met with the ceremonial team. It was a very informative meeting. There are so many decisions that has to be made just from that meeting. The wedding is June 11. So our count down is on. Im so excited :D

    So this is what i wore to our meeting on sunday. This a retro themed outfit. I started this selection with 1 the floral a line shirt. Flower aline is very vintage. So that is what started the theme. When i do a themed ansable i try to incoraprate everything i am wearing. Starting with my hair. Was rolled in almost a modern day french roll. Just showing the twist at each style gives it a retro feeling. I decided to pick a simple fitted tshirt. I choose a loose fitting short blazer. I Paired my leopard print shoes for 2 reasons. 1. Is the height of the heel. (retro) 2. I am in love with florals and animal print. so these together are a rule made to be broken.

Blazer: Thrifted
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Rampage
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Pearl

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