April 9, 2011

Quiet Friday Night

  Hey Dolls!! So I just finished catching up on all these great magazines below. I must say the March and April magazines have been really great. I used to be an Instyle girl all the way but now I'm leaning more towards Elle and Maire Claire. Not that i haven't always loved them but lately they have been extra grrreat!! I am so inspired!!! Tomorrow I get to go shopping for my wedding shoes and undergarments for my dress. Sooo that means maybe ill slip in a couple of "other" things for myself..wink wink :)

Also this Wedding magazine is so great!! I would advise anyone that is getting married or that knows someone that is getting. Its comes out twice a year i think. It really helps me at the stage that i m at right now with wedding planning. As far as decor finalization, cake, etc...  I brought it in CVS. Well till next time guys. Ill let you know how my shopping went. Good Night!

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