April 4, 2011

Springy Sunday

Hey Guys!!!

This Roses were from my honey on Friday. They are so Beautiful...

     Today was yet another busy day for me. We went apartment hunting and we finally chose our Videographer today!!! Yayyy!!! So Happy!!. Basically all our vendors are picked now. We just have to concentrate on finishing touches. I would like to suggest to everyone that is planing a wedding, that is very important to do your homework on every vendor and see many different vendors before booking and leaving a deposit. That is how you find the best quality and prices. Well its really late. So Im off to bed now Good Night!!

Blouse- Forever 21
Blazer- Thrifted
Skirt-Forever 21
Over the knee tights- H&M
Shoes- Forever 21
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Watch- Michael Kors

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